I am currently OPEN for commissions. If you’re interested, send me a message on Matrix. Please see pricing below.

Photo Shoots

Coming soon, see photos.coltofox.com.

Musical Compositions

These are musical pieces that are composed using a musical instrument (typically a synthesiser) where notes are recorded and sequenced manually. These do not use pre-recorded loops for the main portion of work and are often more difficult to produce.

NameDescriptionLengthPrice (USD)
Intro MusicA short musical intro piece that can be used for videos, streams/broadcasts, etc.30sec – 45sec35.00
Theme MusicEffectively a full version of the intro music that includes a few different sections and solos.1min 30sec – 3min 30sec50.00
Extended Theme MusicA longer version of the theme music that would work great as background music.5min – 10min75.00

Music Commission Terms and Conditions

A demo will be provided prior to commencement, and updates will be provided throughout the development process. Major changes should be discussed prior to the core recording/sequencing.

Refunds will not be given once the core recording/sequencing has commenced.

All music compositions purchased include a standard set of MP3 files (progress and final files) distributed online. These do not include stem, midi tracks, 5.1 surround, physical media, or sheet music – though these formats may be purchased later if needed. Lossless FLAC files of the final mix may be provided if needed.

Final composition will be uploaded publicly unless stated otherwise.

The music copyright will be held by coltofox, usage rights will be granted at the discretion of the copyright holder. You are not permitted to sell, modify, or use this music commercially without expressed written consent.

An estimated date will be provided at the time of purchase, this is not a hard deadline unless purchased as a rush commission.